How To Install Windows 7 In Your PC

Here is the complete procedure to install windows 7 in your PC and laptops.

Step: 1
First of all make your flash drive bootable. After this turn your computer ON and start pressing F2 continuously. there will an option whether you want to use flash drive or CD. You can choose any option. The window will start uploading. Wait some time until it uploads fully.

Step: 2
Now new screen will appear and this part is allocated for language selection. Select ‘English’ and click ‘Install Now’ for further processing click on Next

Step: 3
In the new screen there will a license agreement. Click on ‘I Accept’. There will be two options of Upgrade and Custom in the next screen. Click on Custom.

Step: 4
next step will be very important as it is for the partitioning of the drive. You will allocate spaces to your drives. A new drive will be created if you click on Drive and then New Drive.

Step: 5
After successfully creating and allocating spaces to drive, there will come a new screen at which you select the drive where you want to install the windows. Click ‘Format’ and by clicking this, all the data from that drive will be deleted. Click on Next to proceed.

Step: 6
After this the windows will stat installing its files. You have to wait for sometime until it installs all files completely. Don’t turn your computer OFF during this process and it will cause interruption and you might loose all your data.

When the files are installed the PC will be rebooted and You will see ‘User Setting Screen’ in front of you. in this part you will have to put your name and password and click on Next for furthter processing.

Step: 8
In this step you will activate your window. Add the product key here. You can find the product key written on CD/DVD cover. Click on Next.

Step: 9
In this step you will add some important informations about your Time Zone. Add time and computer location. Seclect any location among Work,Home and Public.

Last 10
Congratulation you have finally installed your windows. You can see that in PC desktop. Enjoy your windows 7 and Good luck

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